Web Development

  1. Target Audience Analysis (TA)
  2. Competitor Analysis
  3. Design Solution Development based on TA data
  4. Text Editing for the website if necessary
  5. Setup of feedback forms
  6. CRM Integration
Discussing website functionality and goals in a convenient format for you. Based on the interview, I create a technical specification and send it to you for approval. After a 30% payment is made, we commence website development work
I develop an analysis of the target audience as well as your competitors. We determine references, style, color palette, and font pairing
I develop the website's structure and design in Figma. If there are any revisions, I refine the prototype and send it to you for approval
I create the website layout using Tilda and adapt it for various screens. I connect the domain, CRM, and the form for receiving inquiries. I configure SEO optimization and submit the website for indexing on Yandex and Google
Website Handover
I record a video tutorial on how to use the website, provide all the necessary materials, and remain available for any questions that may arise
Timeline and Cost
Landing Page
Development of the structure and design of a single-page website with the goal of compelling visitors to take action, such as signing up for a service or purchasing a course
Multi-Page Website Development
Development of a website with a more complex structure compared to a landing page, consisting of 5 to 10 pages
E-Commerce Website Development
Creation of a website with the goal of automating the sale of products listed on the site, including the integration of a shopping cart and payment system
from 7 days
20 000+ р.
from 7 days
30 000+ р.
from 14 days
45 000+ р.
from 14 days